Posted: 9:00 am on 24th July 2014

FireworksThe CLP government in the Northern Territory faces a budget deficit of over $700 million, hence the “belt-tightening” measures in its latest budget.

But some things are just too important to cut.

For example: Territory Day, the anniversary of the Territory’s self-governance celebrated on July 1, is the only day Territorians are allowed to purchase and use fireworks.

Our hard-working and hard-playing northern cousins certainly seem to make the most of the occasion.

So raucous are the celebrations, in fact, that last year 35 people were hospitalised due to fireworks-related injuries, a boat and a hay-shed were incinerated, and the clean-up cost Darwin city council ratepayers $15,000.

The Giles government apparently wants to be a part of the mayhem, since it spent over $320,000 of taxpayer money on “pyrotechnical displays” for this year’s celebrations.

To top it all off, the day isn’t even officially a public holiday.

So, to all our NT readers, Happy Territory Day! At least you don’t have to pay $7 million for your fireworks, like Sydney city council ratepayers had to do for the most recent New Year’s Eve celebrations.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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