Posted: 11:59 am on 28th August 2013

Chiko-chick-beforeNSW Nationals Leader Andrew Stoner obviously remembers the glory days of the Chiko roll. Do you?

Do you remember wandering the streets late at night after a university party, and suddenly being confronted by the Chiko Chick, clad in oh-so-tight red leather? Andrew Stoner does.

Do you remember the rocking 1970s, when Daddy Cool, AC/DC, the Skyhooks, and Cold Chisel stalked the earth, and Australians consumed over 40 million Chiko rolls every year, and exported a million more? Andrew Stoner does.

And do you mourn the decline in Chiko consumption, which slumped to a paltry 17 million rolls in 2011? Andrew Stoner does.

A week ago, Mr Stoner announced that the NSW Government would provide a substantial rescue package to the Bathurst factory which produces our beloved Chikos.

The commitment takes the form of a payroll tax rebate for 3 years; Mr Stoner is unsure how much this rescue package will cost NSW taxpayers, but acknowledged that it will be:

a pretty substantial amount… in the millions of dollars range.

The rescue package is supposed to help preserve the 195 jobs that were at risk, but here at WasteWatch, we wonder what other government plans are being hatched to help our Boomer politicians hang onto the memories of their glory days.

While we’re on the glory days, why not spend a few million on Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thompson, Rod Marsh, and Doug Walters? Or John Hipwell, Paul McLean, Mark Loane, and Tony Shaw? And while we’re at it, bring back Don’s Party, and Mad Max!

Andrew Stoner’s eyes must be sparkling…

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