Posted: 3:59 pm on 24th April 2015

coach“The world is a book,” St. Augustine once said, “and those who do not travel, read only one page.”

The new grads at the Department of Human Services must be pretty busy reading then.

See, DHS recently spent $13,200 of your money on “coach hire for graduate events in Canberra.”

The DHS website proudly trumpets that, as part of the graduate employment program, grads will have access to many professional development opportunities, a mentoring arrangement and special events.

Special events? So not only is taxpayer money being spent on excursions for public servants, but now we have to pay for their transport too?

These young, university-educated employees, selected after a rigorous interview process, couldn’t make their own way around the overwhelming metropolis that is Canberra?

It was only a matter of time though. After all, we’ve been paying for public servants’ taxis and politicans’ flights for a while now, so luxury coaches is the obvious next step.

WasteWatch hopes the newbie mandarins enjoyed their big day out!

William Shrubb

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