Posted: 1:38 pm on 17th December 2014

New_York_TaxiIt has been over a year since WasteWatch last checked up on the Commonwealth government’s cab addiction.

As of May 7 last year, the federal government had racked up $32 million worth of taxi fares over about six years.

WasteWatch hates to say it, but it doesn’t seem like that trend has changed.

In the fourteen months months since we last checked, the federal government has spent nearly $18 million ferrying people around at the taxpayer’s expense.

Once again, the Australian Tax Office wins the award for most profligate, racking up a bill of over $10 million.

The Department of Human Services comes in second, with just over $4.1 million, while the Australian Communications and Media Authority (of carbon-neutral sticky notepad fame) claims the bronze medal, spending just over $1 million.

If only the government had invested vast sums of money in building internet infrastructure, and advertising teleworking.

Wait a minute…

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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