Posted: 1:25 pm on 22nd April 2013

Life as pollie would be stressful. Between wrestling with a budget that won’t balance, managing a twitter profile, kissing babies and cutting ribbons, it can all become a bit much at times.

It might seem only fair for Australian taxpayers to chip in and help ease the burdens felt by our poor politicians. So to help our stressed MPs, their staff and other public servants on Capital Hill, the government is spending over $10,000 to provide yoga classes at Parliament House for the coming year. The government spent $10k on yoga classes in 2012 too!

Given 2013 is an election year, we are already wondering who the most flexible MP will be.

Karen says:

Maybe they’re spending the money they saved from not providing tea or coffee for staff. How many private sector firms don’t provide tea and coffee?

Sam says:

Have you considered the staff may have to make a contribution, say $10 a class. 40 classes a year, for 25 staff and that $10,000 is paid for.

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