Posted: 10:27 am on 23rd May 2013

You may have of already heard of the upcoming referendum to recognise local government in the Australian Constitution, but you may not of heard of the $11.6 million the government is spending to educate you about it.

Unfortunately, it seems that the government ministers themselves may require some more education about their proposed constitutional amendment.

Constitutional expert Anne Twomey wrote a good takedown here of Anthony Albanese’s understanding of his own proposal (given that he is the local government minister this is worrying), which is to expand the powers of government to allow it to grant financial assistance to any State or local government “on such terms and conditions as the Parliament thinks fit”.

University of Melbourne law professor Cheryl Saunders, also attacks the measure as a bad idea here.

It seems that government ministers should take some time out to educate themselves on the nature of their own constitutional amendment rather than spending taxpayer’s money to educate taxpayers about how they want government to spend taxpayer’s money on local government.

Referendum on Local Government

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