Posted: 12:07 pm on 12th November 2014


In this time of supposed government austerity it always amazes WasteWatch that consultant’s fees seem to flow with ease. We were sparked to look at it again after a report in The Australian about the Victorian government

As reported in The Australian, the Napthine government in Victoria has managed to spend $360 million on consultants over the last 3 financial years.  In 2011-12, nearly $100m was spent across the public sector, rising to $110m the following year and more than $153m last financial year!

Not to be outdone it was reported by the Daily Telegraph, 28 Sept, 2014 that the Baird government in NSW budgeted $92.3 million on consultants in the 2013-14, but ended up paying external advisers $155.2 million — a blow out of $62.9 million.

So the story goes.  Just a quick google on Queensland and the consultancy spending of the Department of Premier and Cabinet shows us – guess what?  Spending on consultants in 2012-13 was $783,937, in 2013-14 it rose to a whopping $1,672,773!

So much for austerity.

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