Posted: 10:16 am on 13th March 2015

ComputersBrowsing the contracts issued by Government Departments often leaves you with more questions than you had before…namely, who is in charge of brokering and agreeing to them.

Just last week, The Department of Employment signed a contract for the procurement of 100 Dell Latitude Laptops, at the eye-popping price of $288,365. That works out at $2,883.65 per laptop.

Excluding laptops designed to be used in extreme outdoor conditions (presumably not a concern for the Dept. of Employment), $2,883.65 is just about the price of the most expensive Dell Latitude Laptop we could find. It comes with all the most advanced bells and whistles an office computer needs, like an ‘ultra sharp HD video card’.

Worse still, the Department of Employment get through computers fast. Just a year and a half ago they bought another 100 Dell computers for $119,240. At under half the price of last week’s contract, it has to be asked who is in charge of agreeing these deals.

Alex Russell 

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