Posted: 5:49 pm on 3rd July 2015

money-airDear WasteWatch reader,

Over the last few years, WasteWatch has developed a small niche in the Centre for Independent Studies’ TARGET30 program to reduce the size of government.

We have opened many an intern’s eye as they researched the levels of incidental waste in government departments. We have been quoted in local and regional newspapers in every state and territory in Australia, as well as in national newspapers like The Australian and The Guardian and have been interviewed on radio shows across the country.

More and more people are taking notice of waste. Major newspapers and radio shows are joining the fight against the growing size of government, and running their own wasteful spending segments, while both the federal Liberal and Labor parties created their own Waste Watch committees.  Only this week federal senators came out complaining about the excessive spending on their new offices.

However, as the media landscape changes, key CIS staff move on, and the CIS focuses its resources on the most important policy questions facing Australia today, WasteWatch will sadly be going into hibernation.

We are sorry that there will be fewer people checking to see if governments is spending $360k of your money designing a coffee cup, or $20k on ‘experiential poetry sessions’ for public servants, or $30k on just two hours of wining and dining at the Human Rights Awards evening.

Or whether they were spending $500k of your money on five little squiggly lines, or over $300k on ‘reaffirmation’ for taxpayers, or 6c for every 5c coin they produce.

We are proud to have contributed a small part to the movement to make governments accountable for all their spending decisions – large or small.   Now, more than ever, we need to keep our governments accountable.

For the last time, yours irreverently,

William Shrubb and all those who have contributed

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