Posted: 11:41 am on 16th September 2014

lush christmas islandChristmas Island is a place where: vegetables don’t grow; food has exorbitant price tags; essential services are weak; tourism has taken a backseat to mandatory detention.

So what could the 1,600 locals on this heavily forested tropic outpost possibly require most?

Ornamental plants, of course.

Over $38,000 worth, to be exact, which will be installed in 2015 according to government figures.

Local administrator Joe Stanhope recently wrote that federal control of Christmas Island takes too many decisions out of the hands of local residents and leaves them with “no control over or say in the decisions that affect their day-to-day lives.”

In this particular case, Wastewatch certainly has no trouble believing that locals, given the choice, would not opt to spend taxpayer dollars on ornamental plants.

Especially considering that the island already has so much native vegetation that much of it is uninhabitable.

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