Posted: 1:00 pm on 17th February 2015

soybeansThe Australian Research Council’s obsession with China just keeps boomeranging back to us here at WasteWatch.

There was the $183,000 spent researching the rural workers of China, a $133,514 grant to study Chinese prostitution, and who could forget $246,000 to gain greater insight into Chinese celebrity?

Well, not wanting to buck the trend, the ARC have continued their intrepid exploration into all things Chinese, this time in the name of historical studies…and soybeans.

$154, 978 has been granted in pursuit of analysing ‘…the changing importance of soy as Manchuria transitioned from Japanese to Chinese rule’.

You read that correctly, don’t worry.

The bean held dear by coeliac coffee drinkers around the world demands a substantial amount of taxpayer money because both Japan and China ‘…¬†established mechanisms to control the soy economy, direct its proceeds to private wealth and regional development and increase production through development, reorganization or coercion’.

Riveting stuff to read over your morning cappuccino…with soy milk, of course.


Alex Russell 



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