Posted: 9:32 am on 9th April 2015

220px-Catherine-de-mediciRemember when WasteWatch brought you news of the Australian Research Council’s interest in Machiavelli’s mates? Well don’t let yourself think that their interest in Italy is simply limited to that. Not at all.

See, in reviewing the ARC’s Future Fellowships grants, WasteWatch has come across another inquiry into Italy.

$850,784.00 has been granted in pursuit of finding out more about Catherine de Medici through her correspondence, and “promises an exciting new analysis of a leading individual at the heart of early modern history”.

The House of de Medici is an interesting topic for sure, but WasteWatch isn’t convinced it’s an “area of national priority”, as Future Fellowships claims to promote.


Alex Russell 

will says:

How can rubbish like this be justified? Could our government become any more stupid than it is already?

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