Posted: 10:00 am on 14th April 2015

220px-Kirribilli_house_2It’s a wonderful life, as Frank Capra told us so many years ago. Particularly if you’re a pollie.

The taxpayer pays for your office redecorating.

They pay for your retail therapy visits to furniture stores.

And, it turns out, they also pay (through the nose) for your gardening. At least, that is if you’re lucky enough to live at Kirribilli House.

See, the “grounds maintenance” bill for the Prime Minister’s swanky waterfront residence comes in at over $200,000 per year, for the next few years.

Yes, that’s right, about 3.5 times the average Australian’s income, on lawn mowing and weeding.

WasteWatch certainly hopes the PM is getting our money’s worth.

Perhaps, instead of spending another $200,000 on upgrades to a Gold Coast lawn bowls club, everybody could just come play in Kirribilli House’s backyard!

After all, we do own the place.

William Shrubb

will says:

What a joke this is. why do we lets these maggots get away with this? And just imagine the smirk on the faces of the people who rake in the many on these rortful contracts!!!

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