Posted: 10:36 am on 11th November 2014


What a surprise. The abolition of the Life Gold Pass Scheme for former MPs announced in the May budget is under attack.

The scheme provided former MPs and senators with 10 free return airfares within Australia every year. Thankfully MPs and senators elected since 2012 do not qualify for the scheme.

While the politicians fight to save this perk for their former colleagues, we think the government should also be looking at the bill for federal government domestic travel (we hate to think what overseas travel adds up to).

Earlier this year the federal government helpfully published a full list of how much 133 agencies and departments anticipate they will spend on domestic air travel alone, in the five years leading up to July 2015.

The amount, dear reader?

Oh, it’s only a casual $1,343,847,476.00.  That’s right. Over $1.3 billion of your money.

With skype, conference calls and all the others ways of communicating maybe it is time to reassess whether a plane ticket is really necessary.

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