Posted: 3:54 pm on 28th April 2015

David sculptureNational security is a pivotal area of concern for today’s pollies, and defence spending seems to go by largely unscrutinised.

You’d think the Government would have little money left to spend, with $40 billion possibly being spent on submarines and $13.5 billion on Joint Strike Fighter Jets. However it seems that appearances are also high on the defence agenda.

Apparently, the Federal Government is about to fork out an estimated $500 000- $600 000 for the refurbishment of the Italian Carrara marble panels which frame the entry to Canberra’s Russell Building- home to the Department of Defence and the Australian Defence Force.

Michelangelo’s favourite Carrara marble- the very stone he used to create the iconic Statue of David seems to have made it on the ‘bling’ scene with rapper Kanye West reportedly ordering a table made from it for his wedding to reality TV star, Kim Kardashian. Australia is literally ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’.

It’s good to hear the Australian Government is supporting the Italian economy, but why not source cheaper, alternate materials that require less maintenance and aren’t going to “bow over time due to both differential movements between stone and structural substrate, and to thermal exposure”.

It’s been less than twenty years since remedial works were last carried out. How often is our taxpayer money going to be wasted on expensive Italian marble?

Thanks for serving your country, comrade. Don’t forget to admire the half a million dollar marble façade on your way out!

will says:

these maggots in our govt will continue to bleed us all dry till we are a banana republic.

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