Posted: 10:56 am on 16th February 2015


Woops! You may recall back in October we brought news of 369 tablets sitting unused in the Department of Human Services just waiting to be re-homed.

Well, unfortunately it appears that those at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau don’t read WasteWatch otherwise they could perhaps have saved themselves some money.

A contract published in January shows that $19,514.77 was spent on procuring Microsoft Surface Pro 3s.

It seems communication is a bit of a problem for ATSB, they failed to respond to WasteWatch’s email regarding the contract, which simply asked how many tablets they received for just short of $20,000.

Allow us to quote our precognitive selves from the aforementioned October article:

“Wastewatch thinks that . . . the large swathes of electrical equipment wasting away could be re-allocated elsewhere”

Well…at least they will know for next time.

Alex Russell


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