Posted: 11:03 am on 3rd October 2014


The Australian Bureau of Statistics has been in the WasteWatch spotlight before with its game app ‘Run That Town,’ which last time we checked had run up a $60,000 bill courtesy of you, the taxpayer.

To remind readers, the initial cost of the app was about $27, 500.00. The ABS then decided it needed a $30,000 ad campaign to promote an app that has been distributed for free.

Most recently, the ABS decided to drop $47,150.50 on a voice-over service for the app, almost a year after its release.

This ‘free’ app has now cost us over $100,000, and by the looks of this most recent expenditure, this may not be the end of the expense.

The app itself, if you are curious, offers players the experience of using real census data to make planning decisions. That may or may not sound exciting to you—it does not sound like much fun to us—but since you have no say in whether you wanted to fund this app or not, WasteWatch suggests you at least get your money’s worth and download it.

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