Posted: 8:17 am on 23rd February 2015

friendsIt seems that friendliness and empathy are the à la mode topics at the Australian Reseach Council for 2015.

Never one to be partisan though, the ARC obviously feel that in light of their forage into renaissance Italian mates and a quest for compassion, the scales of Lady Justice were balanced unevenly in favour of good vibes.

To remedy this, they’ve granted $182,600 to learn about the negative aspects of being a nagging neighbour.

It states that “very little is known about the negative side of neighbouring and no research has been conducted on its nature, causes and outcomes. This project examines unneighbourliness as an empirical and sociological problem in four suburban contexts”

Franklin P. Jones thought there was an easy away to avoid all the problems ‘unneighbourliness’ entails, however. “Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbour’s noisy party than being there”, he said.


Alex Russell

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