Posted: 10:28 am on 8th January 2014

champagneDear reader, welcome to another year of WasteWatching!

WasteWatch congratulates former IPA policy director Tim Wilson on his appointment to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Since his appointment was announced last December, strong comments from both sides of politics have been made about Mr Wilson’s suitability for the Commission, and his singular interest in certain human rights.

However, the most important thing for WasteWatch is not whether Mr Wilson will wreck the AHRC from the inside, or bring some much-needed balance to a rights debate that has hitherto downplayed some key ideas like, oh, freedom of speech.

The most important thing for WasteWatch is that we want Mr Wilson to invite us to all the AHRC functions.

Unluckily for Mr Wilson, his appointment was announced a couple of weeks too late for him to attend the 2013 Human Rights Awards presentation evening.

The guests at this exclusive evening managed to rack up a bill of nearly $30,000 of your money in just two hours of cocktail-ing and canape-ing at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

But WasteWatch remains hopeful that the event will be repeated in 2014, and perhaps Mr Wilson can invite some of the hoi polloi along to mix with the human rights elect of Australia. After all, the hoi polloi is paying for the whole shindig.

Just don’t mention Andrew Bolt.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant, WasteWatch

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