Posted: 11:26 am on 11th February 2015

Australian-FlagRemember ‘Citizenship Day’?

That special day, September 17, set aside by the Howard government to “reflect on and celebrate being an Australian citizen”?

That special day that has, so far, hoovered up nearly $2 million of your money?

Well, the citizenship celebrations are back.

You see, last year was the 65th anniversary of the coming into force of theĀ Nationality and Citizenship Act, which established Australian citizenship for the first time.

We’ve celebrated this law before, of course.

In 2009, we celebrated its diamond jubilee by designing a special $1 coin.

Ten years before that, in what seems like a rather joyless celebration by comparison, we created a special postage stamp, some lapel pins, and a statistical booklet about the 1996 census, in case anyone was having trouble sleeping that year.

This time round, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has decided that some commemorative plaques will do nicely.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever get your hands on one – they’re probably reserved for places where only public servants and pollies will ever get to see them – but you’re definitely paying for them, to the tune of nearly $40,000.

Everyone repeat after us:

From this time forward,

I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its plaques,

Whose cost I share,

Whose terribly important function I respect, and

Whose hanging-places I will uphold.

William Shrubb

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