Posted: 11:56 am on 13th October 2014

car parkBack in July  Wastewatch told you about the possible introduction of public servants having to pay for their parking (heaven forbid!)?

Well we now know that most Government Departments have implemented the new parking policy. Public servants in the parliamentary triangle will be paying $12 a day for their parking from October.

That is, all except for the Department of Defence. The Canberra Times has revealed that Defence has agreed to subsidise $8 out of every $12 for the time being. This leaves these special public servants having to fork out a meagre $4 daily.

According to a spokeswoman from the department the annual cost of their pay-parking subsidies is expected be between $5 and $10 million dollars; a cost that taxpayers will of course shoulder.

We wonder whether car commuters from the outer suburbs in our big cities are happy with this use of their hard earned cash.



Max Rawnsley says:

How is it possible for DFAT to use its budget for contra govt policy?

If it is a PS wide policy how is this exception allowed? Make us wonder whether there are other similar exceptions.

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