Posted: 8:19 am on 27th May 2015

New Perth stadiumWith government debt in Western Australia looming towards $30 billion dollars, it’s hard to imagine a more wasteful misuse of taxpayer’s funds than the $8.6 million dollar advertising campaign for the ‘Bigger Picture’ series of infrastructure projects, including the new Perth stadium and the Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The projects themselves are designed to create a more ‘vibrant city’ that Western Australians are ‘proud to call home’, but the majority of citizens won’t be too proud when they are unable to use the new amenities that they helped build, because all their hard-earned pennies have been funnelled into advertising costs instead!

Surely the government could have informed the public about the projects without paying for highly-produced videos, signage and ads in the press and on social media?

With an astonishing 47 followers on the Bigger Picture YouTube channel, it seems that the exorbitant amounts of money spent on advertising have really engaged the local population!

Perhaps it would have been a smarter idea for the Government to channel the $8.6 million into the projects themselves.


Katie Wilson


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