Posted: 8:49 am on 21st October 2014

ComputersIt seems Government Departments are taking the old saying ‘save it for a rainy day’ a little too literally when it comes to dealing with unallocated electrical equipment.

Senate Estimates has revealed the Department of Social Services and the Department of Human Services have been coveting a few resources in their back rooms.

Well a few would be an understatement.  The figure is in fact in the thousands.

Currently sitting unused at the Department of Human Services are: 3600 monitors, 364 PC’s and laptops, and 369 tablet devices.  This is estimated as being close to $1.5 million worth of equipment.

Also resting idle at the Department of Social Services in Tuggeranong there are: 496 monitors and 783 PC’s and laptops resting idle.  The Department of Social Services don’t give us a dollar value for each piece of equipment so as not to scare us, perhaps.

Wastewatch thinks that not only could the rental space be used for infinitely more productive activities, but the large swathes of electrical equipment wasting away could be re-allocated elsewhere.

Maybe some donations in-kind could be organised before their value deteriorates too far.

We can only hope further action isn’t saved for another rainy day.

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