Posted: 2:15 pm on 15th May 2013

While this years budget has seen cuts to the Baby Bonus and another indexation freeze for family tax benefits, as with any federal budget, there are always little spending measures that are getting more money than they deserve.

Wastewatch has been going through the budget papers and finding all these little budget items that will likely get lost in warm glow surrounding massive new spending measures like the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Off the back of spending $5.5 million advertising the Schoolkids Bonus (which is automatically paid to people getting Family Tax Benefit Part A, meaning that you don’t have to apply for it and paying money to advertise it is the definition of a waste of money), the government is spending $8 million to tell people the Child Care Rebate is not means tested.

Child Care Assistance - Information Campaign

The non-means tested Child Care Rebate is a serious target for further savings from a future government.  Therefore, given this year is an election year, this spending measure should be seen more as an attempt to create a political ‘poison pill’ rather than as a serious attempt at raising public awareness.

Anyway, this is what you are getting for your money:



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