Posted: 10:24 am on 23rd April 2013

Welfare spending is a big issue confronting Australian governments. It’s an even bigger issue¬†now that the government has taken to (accidentally) giving out lottery sized payments to its customers.

One (un)lucky Brisbane mother of three received $2,022,012 in a single Child Support Agency (CSA) payment after a public servant accidentally typed the date (02/02/2012) into the section where the correct payment of about $3,000 should have been entered.

Instead of giving the money back, the Brisbanite went on a spending spree and is now looking forward to at least 18 months in jail and a $430,000 fine when she is released.  All up she managed to spend around $160,000.

Government is costing us enough money without these sorts of stuff-ups. It is reasonable to think the CSA should have safeguards in place that prevent accidental multi-million dollar payments like this one.

Just imagine if this mistake had happened in December, because the payment would have been over $12 million!

Sam says:

Unless they are using a mm/dd/yyyy date format, the millions part of the payment is determined by the day of the month not the month. So a payment on 2 December would have been $100,000 larger, a payment on 29 February, would have been $27 million larger.

Liz says:

I suppose under a Liberal government, there will be no human error. What a compendium of non-events you guys have dredged up. You’ll have to do much better than this.

David says:

Liz, the political party of government has nothing to do with the systematic errors made by non-partisan public servants.

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